Firbimatic USA

Industrial Series

Firbimatic offers a complete line of Industrial Hydrocarbon and Perc dry cleaning machines for a wide variety of cleaning applications from Commercial Laundries to tanneries. Wash modules are available in 130lb. and 176lb. and can be arranged as a stand alone units or in multiples depending on the installation requirements. Industrial dry cleaning machines are overbuilt to withstand the rugged requirements of dry cleaning a variety of items over multiple shifts with little downtime.

Firbimatic Industrial and Commercial Dry Cleaning machines are specially designed for many different types of cleaning applications to include leathers, furs, pelts, hides, printer rags, industrial gloves, and work-wear made of cotton, polyester, and leather. Each machine is custom built to each customers specifications to ensure the proper cleaning and final finished product for use with hydrocarbon or K4 solvents.