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Firbimatic - The Alternative Solvent Leader

Firbimatic is the world leader in commercial and industrial drycleaning machine manufacturing, design and development.  Firbimatic's success and growth has been driven by international markets and being at the forefront of innovative technologies.  This allows Firbimatic Drycleaning Machines to have the most advanced manufacturing solutions and be able to introduce revolutionary products into the USA marketplace.  Firbimatic has many different commercial and industrial dry-cleaning machine models for hydrocarbon, KTex, Sensene,  SolvonK4, and GreenEarth such as EcoGreen, Saver, K Series, Trio, EcoPro, and F Series.  In addition we have a full line of perc machines with the Vortex and Axial models.

Firbimatic - A Friend To Both Nature And Man

Firbimatic has an uncompromising policy when it comes to protecting the environment through the use of eco friendly technologies and solvents. By continued research and development using the latest in technology and engineering design Firbimatic DryCleaning Machines offer the most ecologically safe drycleaning machines available today. With careful consideration for environmental issues Firbimatic has designed each and every machine to function within strict guidelines while remaining very easy for the customer to operate and maintain. At the same time Firbimatic DryCleaning machines protect the environment and are a friend of both.